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Turbo Dismount
  • Developer: Secret Exit Ltd
  • Genre: Simulation, Physics, Destruction, Action
  • Version: 1.33
User Rating: Rating 4.78

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Release Date
21 May, 2014
Secret Exit Ltd
Secret Exit Ltd
Simulation, Physics, Destruction, Action
Windows PC


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Amelie Iles

Turbo Dismount is a game where the player has to crash the vehicle in different environments. Every crash is unique and player has to figure best way to crash it. Game has different environments where the player can crash auto. Game has singleplayer mode where player wants to crash the auto in correct way to get download Turbo Dismount three stars in the level. Player can also play software product in multiplayer mode with friends. Turbo Dismount download free is a physics-based video game developed by Secret Exit. Software product is a driving simulator that is played by driving a vehicle and crashing it into a variety of obstacles, targets. There is a variety of ways to crash, the obstacles, targets change as software product progresses. Game is played with a keyboard a mouse. Thist is a fun, free, simple software product for PC, Mac, Linux.


Turbo Dismount has cartoon-like graphics.  Graphics of Turbo Dismount download PC are pretty good. They are not as realistic as those in Grand Theft Auto, but they are well-made. Cars and background look vibrant and there is a lot of detail in each environment. Graphics in Turbo Dismount computer is not flashy or sophisticated, but they are appealing and simple. They are appealing because game is easy to understand and graphics are not distracting. They are simple because graphics are not detailed, colors are not saturated. Graphics in this game are simplistic, but the bright colors and fun animations make it feel more playful. Car is a bright blue, objects are a bright orange. Bright colors also add a little bit of fun to game, because colors are pretty bright and cheery.


Player crashes the car in different environments. In software product, players get to experience thrill of being a crash test dummy in a variety of different vehicles and ways of crashing. Players can control vehicle with a mouse or keyboard and then hit ground, tree, auto, cow, UFO, train, cliff, building, truck, bridge, truck, helicopter. Game offers a variety of different scenarios a number of different ways to die. You control your car Turbo Dismount PC download with left mouse button, aim is to crash into all things that appear on screen. You can also control your car with arrow keys. There are plenty of obstacles to crash into.

There are different modes Turbo Dismount free download, such as time trial, multiplayer, editor. Gameplay in this game is very simple. Player controls a vehicle and then slams it into a stack of objects. Goal is to destroy object with most amount of speed and power. There are a ton of different vehicles to choose from, each with its own set of attributes. For example, the truck is slow, but packs a powerful punch, while go-kart is a little more agile, but has a weaker acceleration.


Player can crash car in different ways to get three stars in level. Multiplayer mode is a bit laggy, it's a bit difficult to stay on track. As a result, it's a bit challenging to play with other people.


Game has different environments with different cars. Player can crash cars in different ways. There is no time limit to this software product Turbo Dismount unblocked, there is no penalty for playing it. This makes replayability of software product pretty high, because there is no pressure and it doesn't really matter if you lose.


  • Why did you make the Turbo Dismount game?
    I made this game because I wanted to make a game that was easy to make, complex, interesting.
  • What are the requirements to play the game?
    The requirements are extremely low. All the player needs is the ability to move the mouse.
  • What is the difficulty of the game?
    Difficulty of the software product is determined by the player.


Play Turbo Dismount game is developed by Secret Exit. Game is available on Steam platform for PC & Mac. It’s a car crashing simulation software product with a twist. In this game you have to crash your auto as hard as you can. Player can use different vehicles, from a bicycle to a Soviet tank to a bulldozer to a lawnmower, all way up to a space shuttle. You can drive a car, a truck, a taxi, a police car, a bus, a fire engine, a racecar, a motorcycle, a bulldozer, a tractor, a tank, an ambulance, a space shuttle, a lawnmower, a digger, a forklift, a bicycle, a wheelchair, a horse, a motorcycle, a golf cart. Player can choose from a few different environments to crash in, from a farm to a construction site to a beach. The game Turbo Dismount free play is very challenging, which is a good thing for most players. Background can be a little distracting, but most players can focus on tasks at hand. Graphics are pretty good and physics are really nice.


  • Interesting premise;
  • Challenging;
  • Nice physics;
  • Good graphics.


  • Background can be distracting.

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